The company was founded in 1998,  a professional Fabric Recycling Machine Manufacturer in China.

worldwide cotton opener machine factory price | Xinjinlong Machinery

worldwide cotton opener machine factory price | Xinjinlong Machinery

This product has good resistance to deformation. When other objects apply a certain load, it will never deform.

New type fiber opening machine,It is our company's patented product. After continuous research and development and improvement, the configuration of the machine is finally determined. This set of equipment has a high output and uses 12 of our company's patented technologies.

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  • Xinjinlong Machinery has developed to be a professional manufacturer and reliable supplier of high-quality products. Throughout the whole production process, we strictly implement the ISO quality management system control. Since established, we always adhere to independent innovation, scientific management, and continuous improvement, and provide high-quality services to meet and even exceed customers' requirements. We guarantee our new product cotton opener machine will bring you a lot of benefits. We are always standby to receive your inquiry. cotton opener machine If you are interested in our new product cotton opener machine and others, welcome you to contact us.The product has the required accuracy during the life of the product. It will replicate exactly the same daily tasks for thousands of times with extremely tight tolerance levels.

    Our company develops a new product according to the market demand.The unit has collected the superior performance and advantages of similar opening equipment abroad, summarized the rich experience accumulated by domestic fiber processing enterprises and workers, and developed efficient opening equipment according to the domestic market.Through repeated testing, transformation, equipment has been basically finalized, test and verify that the unit has the advantages of high quality, high yield, low consumption, energy saving, labor saving, safety and environmental protection, is the first choice of fiber processing enterprise technical transformation and equipment update equipment.


    It's used to process the rags,discarding clothes,yarn waste,hard waste,polyester,wools,glass fiber,chemical fiber.

    Technical features of fiber loosening unit:

    1. A new type of process design

    1. Various models, unrestricted equipment placement, can be freely combined according to different raw materials.

    2.  Reasonable processing technology configuration, set of "scattered → open → clean → comb" combinationWorking type, progressive fiber processing, reduce fiber damage.

    3.  New rack innovative design, different raw material configuration of different rack, greatly improve the fiber length, reduce the loss rate.

    4.  The new feeding structure is stable and reliable, the raw material does not need to be cut off, but can be fed directly, the independent transmission form can eat thick, large handling capacity and high yield.

    5.  Equipped with miscellaneous cleaning and iron removal device, raw materials do not need to be cleaned and impurities can be discharged from the machine. After processing, the finished products are clean and of good quality.

    6.  Convenient adjustment of miscellaneous clearance position, external adjustment, no need to stop the machine, the adjustment effect can be achieved by rotating the adjustment hand wheel according to the miscellaneous discharge.

    7.  Automatic feeding device and wind mixing and distribution, eliminating clutter without manual cleaning, greatly reducing labor intensity, uniform color and color of finished fiber, no sense of layering.

    8.  Advanced lubrication system, as long as press the lubrication control button, lubricating oil will be injected into each lubrication point automatically.

    9. Closed dust removal, good dust discharge, low noise and good production environment.

    10.  Bearing is adopted for rotating parts, and synchronous belt transmission is adopted for feeding materials, with high transmission efficiency, no loss, no skid, little wear and extremely low failure rate.

    11. CNC laser cutting all steel plate welding frame, accurate, high intensity, compact model, reasonable structure.

    12. Fully enclosed protective cover, beautiful appearance, generous, safe, environmental protection.


    2. Mechatronics control system

    1. Frequency conversion speed regulation system, according to different raw materials can be "online" adjustment of process parameters, reach the demand state, in order to achieve the maximum output and quality.

    2. Safety automatic stop device and fault alarm, main motor is blocked or abnormal, feeding automatic stop, photoelectric monitoring of the raw material in the storage bin, feeding automatic stop.Main motor stop indicator alarm.

    3. Feed chain control, automatic and manual two-way control.

    4. Control box and control panel are installed separately for easy operation.

    5. Common control and PLC control two-way selection.PLC control with touch screen, easy to operate, display the machine running state, running speed and efficiency.Advanced PLC program control, process parameter diversification, fast adjustment.

    6. Working lighting and miscellaneous lighting are convenient for observing working status and maintenance.








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