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The carding machine adopts the stepless variable speed control mode for transmission

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In order to meet the needs of the low-speed hair-making process, the rotational speed of the high-yield comb machine should have two rotational speeds. During the spinning process of the spinning frame, the semi-finished roving or sliver is drafted, twisted, and wound into a spinning machine. The combed sliver and the needle-carding machine combine the sliver, the needle row is drafted to improve the sliver structure, and the roving is further spun into spun yarn on the ring spinning frame, which is the main spinning machine. Carding machines are used to process cotton fibers and chemical fibers and belong to textile machinery.

According to the spinning process, carding is an important process. The front process of the carding machine is the opening and cleaning machine, and the latter process is the drawing frame (carding process) or the sliver coiler (combing process). The structure of the double twisting unit of the double twisting machine mainly includes the spindle braking device, the spindle part of the double twisting machine, the yarn winding device, and the special device of the double twisting unit.

Due to the special requirements of the carding process, the process of increasing the speed from a low speed to a high speed for normal operation is not allowed to change suddenly (a sudden increase in the speed will cause the weight to be too light and uneven). So this speed-up process should be a continuously variable transmission. A set of continuously variable transmission mechanism is usually installed in the middle of the drum drive.

Commonly used CVT mechanisms are tapered wheel CVT transmission (as shown in Fig. 2-10(A)) and electromagnetic slip type CVT transmission (Fig. 2-10(b)). The bevel wheel type continuously variable transmission has a complex structure and requires regular maintenance and adjustment.

Electromagnetic slip continuously variable transmission, small size and compact structure, can reduce regular maintenance and adjustment work, so it can be widely used in newly designed high-production carding machines. In principle, using a reasonable two-speed motor, its minimum speed can meet the requirements of the doffer low-speed head, and the maximum speed can meet the requirements of the doffer's high-speed operation. Instead of the doffer's continuously variable transmission device, it is a kind of simplified card transmission mechanism. method.


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