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Principle of conveying system by air flow in card duct

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In the vertical tube of the carding machine, the air flows from bottom to top. Grinder A spinning machine that turns fiber strands into rovings. The main function is to draft and twist, and to wind the roving into a certain package to meet the processing requirements of the spinning frame.

Carding machines are used to process cotton fibers and chemical fibers and belong to textile machinery. According to the spinning process, carding is an important process. The front process of the carding machine is the opening and cleaning machine, and the latter process is the drawing frame (carding process) or the sliver coiler (combing process).

Special equipment for the textile industry on the winder. As the last process of spinning and the first process of weaving, winding is the link between the past and the next.“bridge”Therefore, it occupies an important position in the textile field. How fast does it take to move a material or object (like a cotton clump) up in the pipe? Under the condition that the specific gravity of the object is greater than that of the air, the object must move downward due to the action of gravity and buoyancy (the buoyancy of the air on the object is the product of the volume V of the object and the weight Y of the air) in the still air.

The force that makes it move downward is: when the object is free and subsides from the static target state in the air without static, the force that causes the object to affect the movement is the difference between gravity and buoyancy. This important force gradually begins to increase the development of the velocity at which the object can sink downwards, through the resistance to air flow that the object experiences as it moves through the air. It increases as the calculated speed of settlement of the object under study increases.

When the resistance of the air increases to be equal to the force on the object (that is, the difference between gravity and buoyancy), the sedimentation processing speed of the object no longer needs to be increased, and the ability to move at constant velocity continues to decline. The settlement control velocity at this time is called settlement terminal velocity fly or simply terminal velocity VT. The relationship for terminal velocity is the same as the relationship for levitation attitude.

From the above relationship, we can clearly see the various factors that affect the speed of suspended growth or the speed of final processing. The lighter the economic specific gravity of the material, the more fluffy the material develops, and its suspension velocity or terminal velocity is getting smaller and smaller. Due to the shape of different fibers, especially for the shape of fiber bundles or fiber blocks, there is no certain rule, and the resistance correlation coefficient C is difficult to determine, so the formula calculation is inaccurate.

The measurement of the suspension velocity is also very difficult, while the measurement of the terminal velocity is relatively simple and easy. By analyzing a large number of experimental data, a range of the average terminal velocity can be obtained. For example, the average final speed of a single brocade fiber is 3~6 cm/s, and the average final speed of the card clump is 80~110 cm/s.


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