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Carding machine dust removal knife

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Cotton spinning dust removal is mainly in the two processes of cleaning and carding (accounting for more than 80% of the total cotton dust drop). The structure of the double twisting unit of the double twisting machine mainly includes the spindle braking device, the spindle part of the double twisting machine, the yarn winding device, and the special device of the double twisting unit. Special equipment for the textile industry on the winder.

As the last process of spinning and the first process of weaving, winding is the link between the past and the next.“bridge”Therefore, it occupies an important position in the textile field. During the spinning process of the spinning frame, the semi-finished roving or sliver is drafted, twisted, and wound into a spinning machine. The combed sliver and the needle-carding machine combine the sliver, the needle row is drafted to improve the sliver structure, and the roving is further spun into spun yarn on the ring spinning frame, which is the main spinning machine. If the broken seeds, offal, neps, dust, etc. cannot be removed in the cotton cleaning machine, the carding machine must be used to remove them, otherwise the broken rate and parking rate will increase, hindering production and affecting the quality.

In order to prevent the good fibers that can be spun into cotton droplets and form waste, and the drafting of each process in the future cannot be controlled by crushing seeds, scraps, neps, dust, etc., the carding process of the carding machine needs more than the drum. And less need for dusting knives. The main function of the cassette dust collector is to remove dust impurities and adjust the amount of waste. The machine is 45° Steel structure, dust removal knife thickness 12mm, width 80mm, angle 30° , the length of the flat blade traverses the whole machine.

It is installed under the wicker box. The main function of the utility model is to cooperate with the licker-in, remove impurities and defects, and support the fibers on the licker-in. Both ends of the dust collector are mounted on the brackets.

According to the process requirements, the inlet and outlet of the tool (referring to the distance between the blade surface and the bayonet roller), height (referring to the relative position of the tool tip and the surface of the frame) and angle (referring to the horizontal angle between the back of the blade and the surface of the frame) can be adjusted. The utility model can support the spinnable fibers on the licker-in to a certain extent, so that the spinnable fibers can be smoothly transferred to the cylinder with the rotation of the licker-in.


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