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Prefabricated monolithic steel pipe standard

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Greenhouse standard prefabricated steel monomer 1. Type: prefabricated building single steel tube greenhouse 2, specifications: shed length 30-120 meters, width 4-8 meters, tube spacing 0.8-1.2 meters, 2.5-3.6 meters high roof Shoulder 0.6-2 meters 3. Structure: The arch rod is made of galvanized steel pipe above ∮ 25, which can be processed and formed by bending. As the main technical support structure material of the shed, the shelf life is 15 years under normal working conditions. The glass greenhouse is a greenhouse with glass as the main light-transmitting covering material, which belongs to a kind of greenhouse. It has a long service life and is suitable for a variety of regions and climates, and is divided into a variety of different greenhouses for planting different plants.

Conjoined greenhouses Planting crops in greenhouses is generally to grab the morning market, or to make off-season vegetables. Most of the thermal insulation greenhouses in the south are steel structure film greenhouses, while the greenhouses in the north are mainly solar greenhouses. The vegetable greenhouse is a frame film structure with excellent thermal insulation performance, which appears to allow people to eat out-of-season vegetables.

Generally, vegetable greenhouses use bamboo structure or steel structure skeleton, which is covered with one or more layers of thermal insulation plastic film, thus forming a greenhouse space. The outer membrane can well prevent the loss of carbon dioxide produced by the growth of internal vegetables, so that the shed has a good thermal insulation effect. Longitudinal keel rods are also made of hot-dip galvanized pipes above 20∮, which are used to connect the arch rods, making it a solid overall structure.

The clamping groove of the fixed membrane adopts a special clamping groove of 0.7 mm. Both ends of the shed are hot-dip galvanized pipes or square pipes. The upper end is clamped with an end arch rod, and the lower end and the arch tube are also inserted into the mud for about 30 cm.

According to different user information requirements, both ends can open the door, sliding door or swing door. The wind resistance of the greenhouse is 25m/s and the snow resistance is 30kg/m2. All the important steel materials of the above enterprises are in accordance with our country's "Standards for Design of Steel Structure Buildings".

Everything is just assembled by drawing, etc. When different regions have been designed for climate manufacturing, the user, the greenhouse profile design is also targeted to different regions.


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