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Roller holding distance in the rear area of ​​the carding machine

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(A) The distance from the roller handle of the regional carding machine away from the rear area of ​​the rear carding machine should be comprehensively analyzed and considered according to the drafting movement multiple of the rear area, the roving twist coefficient, and the roller pressurization. Carding machines are used to process cotton fibers and chemical fibers and belong to textile machinery. According to the spinning process, carding is an important process.

The front process of the carding machine is the opening and cleaning machine, and the latter process is the drawing frame (carding process) or the sliver coiler (combing process). The structure of the double twisting unit of the double twisting machine mainly includes the spindle braking device, the spindle part of the double twisting machine, the yarn winding device, and the special device of the double twisting unit. During the spinning process of the spinning frame, the semi-finished roving or sliver is drafted, twisted, and wound into a spinning machine. The combed sliver and the needle-carding machine combine the sliver, the needle row is drafted to improve the sliver structure, and the roving is further spun into spun yarn on the ring spinning frame, which is the main spinning machine.

Generally, when the draft ratio in the rear area is small and the twist coefficient of the roving is large, the holding distance of the roller in the rear area should be large and controlled, so as to relieve the traditional drafting force and prevent the yarn unevenness caused by the slippage of the whisker on the roller jaw. Increase. When processing cotton, when the draft in the rear area is 1.20-1.40 times, the holding distance of the output roller can generally be selected to be 44-52mm; when the draft in the rear area is 1.04-1.15 times, the holding distance is 48-54mm. The processing cotton-type chemical fiber holding distance should be appropriately increased according to the changing length of different fiber cells, which is generally 45-6001m.

(2) The original spacing of the rubber ring in the front area of ​​the carding machine and the length of the floating area Two important process parameters in the front end of the carding machine are the initial distance of the carding nip and the length of the floating area of ​​the carding ring. 1. The apron jaw part of the carding machine is originally separated by 3 distances. The center of the swinging upper pin plate is equipped with a distance block (nylon insert) to maintain a uniform and comprehensive and accurate minimum system gap between the upper and lower pins. This gap Call it the original gauge of the jaw part of the rubber ring. The change of the original gauge in China is achieved by replacing the gauge blocks with different cultural thicknesses.

The original purpose of the gauge change was to more effectively control the movement of the jaw apron floating fiber, but the fiber can pass quickly, with the spring on the pivot pin, to stabilize the nip pressure. The jaws are adjusted to the original standard, and the yarn evenness can be improved to reduce the number of thick places. The original numbers should be special spinning, thickness and elastic rubber ring, spring pressure on pins, and fiber length and other parameters can be friction properties.

Generally speaking, for a few special spinning, the original jaw gap should be small. The original scale is usually adjusted in the range of 2.5 to 4mm.


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