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The method of carding machine to prevent sticking

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1. Increase the pressure of the compacting roller in order to make the cohesion and development of the fibers in the fiber layer output from the dust cage tight and prevent sticking, increasing the pressure of the compacting roller is an effective measure. Grinder A spinning machine that turns fiber strands into rovings. The main function is to draft and twist, and to wind the roving into a certain package to meet the processing requirements of the spinning frame.

The structure of the double twisting unit of the double twisting machine mainly includes the spindle braking device, the spindle part of the double twisting machine, the yarn winding device, and the special device of the double twisting unit. Special equipment for the textile industry on the winder. As the last process of spinning and the first process of weaving, winding is the link between the past and the next.“bridge”Therefore, it occupies an important position in the textile field.

We usually increase the total pressure on the pressing roller and both sides of the carding machine by more than 25% than when spinning cotton. The old machine is generally more than two tons, and the pressurization time with different pneumatic systems can reach more than four tons. After the pressure is increased, the strength of the compacting roller and the small plum plate should be increased. 2. Gradually increasing pressure is used in roll formation. Under the general working condition of pressure, the winding force is large when small rolls are made, and the winding force is small when large rolls are used. The development of this cultural difference has caused the inner layer to elongate.

The elongation of the outer layer is small. After the roll is formed, the inside is light and the outside is heavy. The pressure is gradually increased. The pressure control device is designed as shown in Figure 2-58, and the weight of the mobile learning activity is carried out, so that the pressure can increase with the diameter of the cotton lap. Plus, according to the analysis and measurement, the pressure of small rolls can be reduced by about 50% compared with the original company of the company, and the pressure of large rolls can be increased by about 50%, so as to continuously reduce the difference in the winding force of small and small rolls, so that the adhesive layer of small rolls can be The fluffy phenomenon of large rolls has not been effectively improved. 3. Appropriately increasing the weight of the roll and the short fixed length will help to improve the structure of the fiber layer and increase the cohesion between the fibers, thereby reducing the sticky roll. The dry weight per meter should generally be around 360 grams.

Appropriately shortening the length of the roll can make it easy to draw silver and wrap the roll. Usually the length of the roll is controlled at 27~32 meters. 4. The second and third pressing rollers are heated with electric heating wires, which can control the surface working temperature of the rollers to be 95~105°C, so that the fiber layer can obtain a temporary heat setting, thereby reducing sticking.

However, this technical measure must make the fiber layer empty when the shutdown time is relatively long (such as closing the car for dinner), otherwise the fibers are easily sintered into cakes. Moreover, in the hot summer season, it is not conducive to enterprises to improve the production, labor and education conditions of Chinese workers. In addition to the above measures, 5-7 rovings are also used as auxiliary measures to solve the problem of bonding.

In addition, the friction between polyester and metal materials is relatively large, and there is an opposite sex that produces electrostatic attraction. It is difficult to pull out, so some factories use tapered cotton roller silver (the diameter of the end of the size differs by about 6mm), or cover the surface of the cotton roller with paper or plastic sleeve, which can achieve good results. In order to prevent loose peeling or contamination of the outer layer during storage and handling, plastic film is usually used.


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