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Mechanical part of quilt production line

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It should be considered from the overall point of view of the ring key quilt production line system. Optimization of mechanical equipment components and mechanisms in my country. The structure of the double twisting unit of the double twisting machine mainly includes the spindle braking device, the spindle part of the double twisting machine, the yarn winding device, and the special device of the double twisting unit. Special equipment for the textile industry on the winder.

As the last process of spinning and the first process of weaving, winding is the link between the past and the next.“bridge”Therefore, it occupies an important position in the textile field. During the spinning process of the spinning frame, the semi-finished roving or sliver is drafted, twisted, and wound into a spinning machine. The combed sliver and the needle-carding machine combine the sliver, the needle row is drafted to improve the sliver structure, and the roving is further spun into spun yarn on the ring spinning frame, which is the main spinning machine. For example: (1) The ring plate lifting chain is replaced with a lifting belt, and the low-noise running machine improves the bobbin forming.

And ensure that the initial winding height of the cop is consistent. (2) On the nsf-3 quilt production line produced by Italian Marzoli Company, the roving motion on the back roller consists of two reciprocating motions, one is long-range motion and the other is short-range motion. The 321 quilt production line of Qingze Company in Germany.

The roving movement of the rear roller has been redesigned. This reduces the reversal pause time from 22% to 5%. Double the total mileage and reduce wear on the rear top rollers.

(3) The second type EJM128 quilt production line of Shanghai Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. adopts the frame structure of the computer to optimize the design and high-speed adaptation. (4) The FA514 long spinning machine of my country Economic Jingwei China Textile Engineering Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., its supporting collective yarn device can adopt a novel tube-grabbing mechanism, which can be monitored by far infrared rays to ensure the safety and reliability of doffing. , and shorten the doffing time. (5) The lifting and lowering of Lola L mirror and ring plate adopts multi-motor partial transmission, which can reduce torque fluctuation.

In some quilt production lines, the lower roller is divided into two sections in the middle of the machine, which are independently driven by the front and rear motors, which greatly reduces the torque of the lower roller, thereby reducing the breakage rate. The above only cites the following examples. In short, only through the use of mechatronics to develop the overall structure design method, first of all, each element of the equipment itself can be highly Canonized and highly functional. Influence and cooperation can truly achieve a goal of the best overall effect. If we just use the programmable controller to replace the original relay-contactor control box, and use the frequency conversion speed regulation, its equipment can not be regarded as mechatronics technology equipment.


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