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Spacing between card roller and feed plate

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The distance between the roller and the cotton board has a great influence on the carding effect, see Table 3-4. Carding machines are used to process cotton fibers and chemical fibers and belong to textile machinery. According to the spinning process, carding is an important process.

The front process of the carding machine is the opening and cleaning machine, and the latter process is the drawing frame (carding process) or the sliver coiler (combing process). Special equipment for the textile industry on the winder. As the last process of spinning and the first process of weaving, winding is the link between the past and the next.“bridge”Therefore, it occupies an important position in the textile field.

The structure of the double twisting unit of the double twisting machine mainly includes the spindle braking device, the spindle part of the double twisting machine, the yarn winding device, and the special device of the double twisting unit. The larger the gauge, the more tow percentage issues and the less lint percentage, and the gauge difference is only 0.075mm. 11,000 inches), there is an obvious change in the study of the combing effect of the ear, eye, and silver.

The reason analysis is not only that the length from the starting point of each fiber layer of the cotton to the holding point is relatively long when the distance is large, and the different lengths of the cotton bundles or fibers are relatively short, and it can be close to the working level of the cotton feeding board. The affected fibrous layer is always present and fails to develop subject to having serrations or directly by carding. Due to the close relationship between the gap between the feeding board and the licker-in but the carding effect, under the condition that China's mechanical equipment status information is relatively good, the specific gap is 0.18---0.305 mm (7/1000~12/ 1000 inches) range should be small as well as mastered. However, when the feeding layer of cotton is thick, the actual length of the working face of the cotton board is too short, or the strength provided by the fibers of the processed raw cotton is too low, etc. In order to reduce the short pile, the distance is often increased and enlarged appropriately.

Card dust collector The utility model relates to a card dust collector, which is located below the licker-in roller. The main function of the utility model is to cooperate with the licker-in to remove broken seeds, blade debris, aseptic seed stab wounds, etc., and to fix the fibers on the licker-in. The two dust-removing knives are installed in the bracket slots, and can be adjusted according to technical requirements (referring to the distance between the knife surface and the bayonet brocade), height (referring to the relative position of the knife tip and the surface of the rack) and bayonet angle (referring to the distance between the back of the knife and the surface of the rack). Horizontal angle) to adjust the tool selection.


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