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Cultivation and Management Technology of Seedless Watermelon in Greenhouse in Autumn

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First, plant seeds at the right time. The glass greenhouse is a greenhouse with glass as the main light-transmitting covering material, which belongs to a kind of greenhouse. It has a long service life and is suitable for a variety of regions and climates, and is divided into a variety of different greenhouses for planting different plants.

Conjoined greenhouses Planting crops in greenhouses is generally to grab the morning market, or to make off-season vegetables. Most of the thermal insulation greenhouses in the south are steel structure film greenhouses, while the greenhouses in the north are mainly solar greenhouses. The vegetable greenhouse is a frame film structure with excellent thermal insulation performance, which appears to allow people to eat out-of-season vegetables.

Generally, vegetable greenhouses use bamboo structure or steel structure skeleton, which is covered with one or more layers of thermal insulation plastic film, thus forming a greenhouse space. The outer membrane can well prevent the loss of carbon dioxide produced by the growth of internal vegetables, so that the shed has a good thermal insulation effect. Choose moderate fruit weight, high quality, tough peel, storage and seedless watermelon varieties such as nectar, honey seedless, black seedless golden honey, etc. for transportation.

It is suitable for planting in early July. Planting too early, the greenhouse temperature is too high, the vines are thin, and the yield and quality are hard to come by. If the planting is too late, the cold weather at the beginning of the year often occurs after the National Day, accompanied by rolling autumn without seeds. Watermelon fruit is difficult to ripen. Second, the seedlings are transplanted. The average temperature in autumn is high. Generally, a shed film can be used as a seedling. After sowing, the shed film is covered with a shading net. After the seedlings emerge, the film and shading net are removed. Seedling.

Generally, the seedlings are transplanted when the seedlings are 15-20 days old, with two leaves and one heart, with a row spacing of 2.7-3 meters and a plant spacing of 0.5-0.7 meters. . 3. Management of fertilizer and water resources. During the growth and development of seedless watermelon in autumn, we are in a rainy or rainy period in high-temperature areas in my country. The growth is fast, and the whole growth period is only about 80 days. The fertilizer requirements are fast-acting and concentrated. For the border area, 50 kg of decomposed rapeseed cake or cotton cake, 30 kg of imported and ternary organic compound fertilizer shall be applied per mu.

When the main vine grows to the size of a fist product, and each plant sits on the melon for 1-2 hours, it needs to attack the expanded melon fertilizer through flooding and fertilizer. Apply 40 kg of ammonium bicarbonate per acre of hole, and use 15 kg of imported compound fertilizer. After fertilization, water is applied. Pouring evenly, you can also fertilize while moisturizing. temperature control. In summer and autumn, due to the high temperature and many rainy seasons, it is difficult to cultivate watermelon in the open field.

Therefore, before transplanting seedless watermelons, it is necessary to cover the greenhouse, fix the film, prevent wind blowing, and ventilate in time to ensure that the temperature of the watermelon throughout the growing season is controlled at 25-35°c. Fifth, pruning and pollination. To trigger seedlings, keep 2 vines, but adjust the direction for air and light, especially the excessive growth curve can properly remove part of the vines.

Seedless watermelon male infertility, male flowers must be pollinated varieties collected for artificial pollination. Sixth, set melons and pick melons. In order to increase the commercial rate of seedless watermelons, generally choose melons with correct shape and suitable nodes, 1-2 melons per plant, 600-800 melons per mu, and low-node malformed melons are removed at one time.

Since the temperature can gradually decrease when the company is listed in China in autumn, it is necessary to timely solve the problem of harvesting melons that are nine mature and above. Seven, control pests and diseases. Autumn is the main greenhouse seedless watermelon vine blight and anthracnose, which can be controlled with 75% chlorothalonil 800 times liquid, or 500 times by making 100 grams.

Pests are melon silk borer, aphids, 10% imidacloprid 3000 times or digital ivy 31000 times sprayed.


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