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Describe the specific steps in the work of the second-hand carding machine

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Second-hand cotton spinning equipment introduction; the role of second-hand cotton carding machines in the textile industry is very important, which brings great convenience to users. Many people do not know very much about second-hand cotton spinning machines, but they are used by users in the industry. generally favored. The second-hand carding machine is mainly to further decompose the bundles or block fibers into single fibers through meticulous carding, clear impurities and defects, and make packages of certain specifications. Let's take a look at how the used carding machine works.

When using a second-hand carding machine, the first step is to card, carefully card the bundles or block fibers to separate them into single fibers, and make the fibers as straight and parallel as possible; the second is to clear the impurities, and further Remove impurities, defects and some short fibers in the fed semi-finished products; thirdly, on the premise of separating into single fibers, fully mix fibers of different shapes and proportions to make uniform card sliver; fourth , The last process is to form sliver. In order to facilitate the processing, storage and transportation of the next process, the fiber is made into sliver that meets certain specifications and quality requirements, and is regularly placed in the sliver can. Preferential price processing: Top-quality German Truetzschler Carding Machine, TC5-1, 14 units, Graf Card Clothing, produced in 2011, still spinning, available for retail sale, pick-up in Lu'an, Anhui, pick-up at any time, price concessions ! Wuxi Yueda Textile Machinery 13506178559. For more equipment, please check the Yueda Textile Machinery Online Store


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