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Single fiber tester with cotton inspection to control defects

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The single fiber tester is a precise instrument, so the requirements for it are also very high, because it is related to the final quality, but it is not enough for single use. so that it can truly meet the actual standard. Single-fiber tester inspection: As the high-capacity cotton fiber tester only involves the length, linear density, maturity ratio, strength, uniformity, etc. of cotton, the cotton lint rate, maturity percentage, immature fiber The testing of defects such as percentage, neps and impurities deviates greatly from the requirements of spinning. It has little correlation with the control of actual quality indicators of spinning, and cannot establish a corresponding relationship with the quality indicators of carded sliver and combed sliver controlled by spinning semi-finished products, making it difficult to form a correspondence between cotton test indicators and sliver quality control indicators. Therefore, the establishment of quality control indicators of cotton blended cotton single fiber tester is conducive to the removal and control of harmful defects in the blowing and carding process, and these control indicators will affect the control indicators of the carding sliver and combing sliver in the subsequent process. influences.

The strength machine manufacturer introduces the use of single fiber tester to control the indicators in high-quality cotton, and formulates control standards for physical indicators of mixed cotton and cotton single fiber testing, especially for short fibers, immature fibers, neps, fibrous seeds, impurities, micro Dust testing is the key to improving the cleaning efficiency of the blowing and combing process, and it is also the key to analyze the quality control indicators of carded sliver and combed sliver and the control of fine yarn defects in cotton yarn and fabrics. Otherwise, a single large-capacity fiber tester will test. If the cotton quality index and blended cotton index are used to guide spinning, there will be a large actual control deviation. Preferential price processing: Top-quality German Truetzschler Carding Machine, TC5-1, 14 units, Graf Card Clothing, produced in 2011, still spinning, available for retail sale, pick-up in Lu'an, Anhui, pick-up at any time, price concessions ! Wuxi Yueda Textile Machinery 13506178559. For more equipment, please check the Yueda Textile Machinery Online Store


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